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Design Club gives you access to all of our New Designs on

Country Lane Embroidery

Become a  member for just

$4.50 per month  (first month is $3.50)

$14.50 per 3 Months

$28.00 per 6 Months

1 Year for $55.00

You are given a member number to use at check out to download the new designs. This number shows up on the left hand side of the page so you have easy acess to your number.  Members also get 50% off all other designs on the website.


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What do you get by joining the club? Approximately  28 to 30 new single designs each month and  50% off all other designs on Country Lane Embroidery.  Also an occasional bonus just for fun!

 Club Rules:

1.  Do not share your Member number and account with anyone. If you are found to share your access will be removed.

2.  Back up your designs we do not email out lost designs.

3. Designs will be moved on or around the 5th of each month so make sure you download them before that date.

*a tutorial on how to use the membership can be dowloaded from here (Click me)



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